Monday, November 5, 2012

Not Winning Alt for Norge

     My lips have been sealed for almost six months, which is rather remarkable for me.  I could not let anyone know who had won Alt for Norge until the show was actually shown on Norwegian TV and, after 10 episodes, the winner was revealed.  Whew!  I'm not known for keeping secrets.
     So, now I can spread the beans.  I did not win.... I only made it half way through, which was actually fine, as I am much too much of a curmudgeon to have survived the whole adventure. Tromping around Norway with a group of much younger Norwegian-Americans, having to eat salmon every day, seeing beautiful scenery and waiting, waiting, waiting for lights and cameras and to know what we are doing next.
      If you really want to know details, I made another blog just for the show and my Norwegian fans.  Yes, I have fans and even made a Facebook page and I'm not embarrassed about it.  Norwegians are really nice people and this show is terribly popular.  When I'm feeling down or trying to procrastinate, checking in with my Norwegian friends is a great ego boost.
     On my Alt for Norge blog,  I  share the back story to the weekly competitions and our adventures in Norway.  I also tell how it felt to find out that, before emigrating to the USA, my grandmother was in jail for murdering her great-aunt, an unknown detail of my ancestry that I found out ON CAMERA.
Check out:
You can also see the show as it has now been posted on You Tube - Search for:  Alt.For.Norge SE3E01
for the first episode - then change the number at the end for each consecutive episode - there are 10.  I am in episodes 1-5, but all of them are fun.  Enjoy!

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