Thursday, August 30, 2012

ALT for Norge!!!

I can officially share that I was a contestant on Alt for Norge - a Norwegian reality TV show.  Yes, I am not kidding, that is why I was "traveling".  The show takes 12 Norwegian- Americans around Norway and every week there are "contests" during which one contestant is eliminated.  It was fun and not mean spirited.  The focus is on discovering Norway and genealogy. The winner got to meet their Norwegian family!

 It was a great experience!  The other contestants were great, the crew was wonderful, the country is beautiful and I got to eat salmon 3 times a day.  I cannot tell yet, if I won or where exactly we went or what we did.  I know, I am a tease.  The show will begin airing in Norway in September and the final episode should be in November or Dec. (They may be on You Tube)  After the final episode airs, I can share more details.

I did have a lovely time and hope to go back to Norway.  One of the reasons, I wanted to go was my ongoing obsession with Greenland.  Norway is somewhat similar and probably the ancestral home of my Greenlanders. I wanted to see the land, the flowers and the late night sun. My ancestors are also Norwegian, my grandmother left Norway for the United States in 1917, but died before I was born. I was hoping to learn more about her -which I did.  Enough to have me thinking of another book......