Sunday, January 24, 2010


So... a first post in a new endeavor.

Though actually not so new as I did try creating a blog once before and it now languishes in the nether world. (I've forgotten my password.) I wanted to erase it anyway as I made a mistake with the Title.
I called it BELIBRA, which I thought was rather cute as my initials spell BEL and I plan on primarily blogging about books. But - I did not check before I named the blog and later found out that BELIBRA means "to shop for a bra" in Indonesian. It seems there are a number of sites on Google helping Indonesians find bras. So much for books.
I started again and this time, just as I was all done, using the catchy title, BeL-Biblio, my daughter told me that Biblio means Bible in Italian. This will definately not be a Bible Blog. I was going for biblioteca.


I have a wonderful little book about titles, Now all we need is a Title - Famous Book Titles and How They Got That Way, by Andre Bernard. Great little stories about titles changed or how they came about. Gone With the Wind was going to be titled "Pansy", then "Tote the Weary Load", then "Tomorrow is Another Day". All changes were considered within 6 months of publication. I'm going to try and stick with BeL-Biblio.