Monday, November 5, 2012

Not Winning Alt for Norge

     My lips have been sealed for almost six months, which is rather remarkable for me.  I could not let anyone know who had won Alt for Norge until the show was actually shown on Norwegian TV and, after 10 episodes, the winner was revealed.  Whew!  I'm not known for keeping secrets.
     So, now I can spread the beans.  I did not win.... I only made it half way through, which was actually fine, as I am much too much of a curmudgeon to have survived the whole adventure. Tromping around Norway with a group of much younger Norwegian-Americans, having to eat salmon every day, seeing beautiful scenery and waiting, waiting, waiting for lights and cameras and to know what we are doing next.
      If you really want to know details, I made another blog just for the show and my Norwegian fans.  Yes, I have fans and even made a Facebook page and I'm not embarrassed about it.  Norwegians are really nice people and this show is terribly popular.  When I'm feeling down or trying to procrastinate, checking in with my Norwegian friends is a great ego boost.
     On my Alt for Norge blog,  I  share the back story to the weekly competitions and our adventures in Norway.  I also tell how it felt to find out that, before emigrating to the USA, my grandmother was in jail for murdering her great-aunt, an unknown detail of my ancestry that I found out ON CAMERA.
Check out:
You can also see the show as it has now been posted on You Tube - Search for:  Alt.For.Norge SE3E01
for the first episode - then change the number at the end for each consecutive episode - there are 10.  I am in episodes 1-5, but all of them are fun.  Enjoy!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

ALT for Norge!!!

I can officially share that I was a contestant on Alt for Norge - a Norwegian reality TV show.  Yes, I am not kidding, that is why I was "traveling".  The show takes 12 Norwegian- Americans around Norway and every week there are "contests" during which one contestant is eliminated.  It was fun and not mean spirited.  The focus is on discovering Norway and genealogy. The winner got to meet their Norwegian family!

 It was a great experience!  The other contestants were great, the crew was wonderful, the country is beautiful and I got to eat salmon 3 times a day.  I cannot tell yet, if I won or where exactly we went or what we did.  I know, I am a tease.  The show will begin airing in Norway in September and the final episode should be in November or Dec. (They may be on You Tube)  After the final episode airs, I can share more details.

I did have a lovely time and hope to go back to Norway.  One of the reasons, I wanted to go was my ongoing obsession with Greenland.  Norway is somewhat similar and probably the ancestral home of my Greenlanders. I wanted to see the land, the flowers and the late night sun. My ancestors are also Norwegian, my grandmother left Norway for the United States in 1917, but died before I was born. I was hoping to learn more about her -which I did.  Enough to have me thinking of another book......

Saturday, July 14, 2012


I have been traveling a lot recently.  The Dominican Republic, the Galapagos Islands, Norway, the San Juan Islands, and soon will be going to Alaska.  As much as I love going to far away places, it is always a bit discombobulating. Especially the coming home. Its not just the jet lag or the piles of mail or the plants that have died from needed water.  Its the home itself that I see with a stranger's eyes, a home that could almost be someone else's. I find myself struggling to re-connect, to remember why I live in Portland, Oregon and not some other lovely place. I know there are people who travel constantly, but I can't imagine it. If I stay away too long I become a visitor to my own home. Yes, there are the familiar do-dahs, the pictures on the walls, the cats and dog, but it still takes me a while to settle.  I have to sit and send out psychic roots, cook a meal, do some laundry and dishes, make a To Do list.  The mundane brings me home!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Done! The End!!

I did it!  I wrote The End on the novel I have been writing for far too long. 
My goal was to finish in 2011 and I finished the edits and sent it out to my patient critique group just before midnight New Year's Eve. Aren't deadlines wonderful!
I went back and checked the computer and my first meandering attempts at this story about Greenland were written in the fall of 2008.  If I had known it would take so long, I'm not sure I could have stuck with it.
But here I am ...done.  At least with a good- almost second draft. I have been reworking it along the way as my critique group has given me feedback- not exactly the easiest process, but it seemed to work for me.  I think I needed the feedback to help me focus and give me confidence to keep moving forward.
Now comes the next stage - sending it out.  I have been stalling for a good month - writing an Author's Note -that is needed to really understand how much the story is rooted in history - and a good query letter.
Stalling...  But finally, I just did it - spent a whole afternoon personalizing my query and hitting that send button.  Started with 8 agents - the ones I would swoon over and sweat nervously if I was in the same room.  Now I'm supposed to start something new and not check my e-mail every hour.  Right!  This is a very strange profession.